Businesses and individuals today are faced with Byzantine tax codes and ever-expanding tax considerations, at federal, state and local levels. But, by integrating tax planning into the long-range financial goals of both businesses and individuals, Veyna & Forschino can help you cut through the fog of regulations to see exactly how your tax decisions will affect your future. Not just next april, but years down the road.
That means more than filling out returns. It means keeping an eye on the tax implications of your present moves and future plans. It means helping you structure your business operations and personal financial decisions to take advantage of every tax breaks that makes sense for you. It even means knowing when econnomics demand passing up a tax-favored position for one that makes better financial sense.
That takes tax professionals who know more than just the tax code. Whether you're planning a merger or your estate, a new plant or your child's education, we can offer the vision - from tax, business, and personal financial perspectives - to help you meet your goals.

Founded in 1995, Veyna & Forschino is an accounting firm serving small to midsized companies in the San Francisco Bay area and nationwide. With nearly two decades of combined accounting experience, Veyna & Forschino has the skill, vision and commitment to make a difference in your company.