If you run your own business, your financial success is inexorably linked to that of your company. Every decision you make affects you both at work and at home. You need an accounting firm that understands your immediate demands, and recognizes your long-term goals. We know you're more than just a client, you're our business. We know we aren't the only firm in town, so we have to be the best. And that's our goal, right down the line.

For the entrepreneur, tax planning, finanical analysis, and personal financial management all come together to form one broad financial outlook. Entrepreneurs need the services of a firm that sees the relationships between work and home, between private and corporate life. Veyna & Forschino works exclusively with small to midsized businesses, and understands your needs as a business owner.

In Veyna & Forschino, you'll get more than just an accounting firm because we are more than just accountants. We're dedicated professionals whose unique combination of technical skill, business knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit make us trusted business advisors - people our clients count on to help solve an ever-expanding range of business and personal concerns.