In business, numbers are how you keep score. But to see where you're going, not just where you've been, takes accountants who will keep digging until they find the right numbers, not just the ones to fit last year's report.

Maybe that means breaking your sales down further, into profit centers, to enable you to more accurately track revenues and expenses. Maybe it means taking a hard look at your inventory practices to help you get a grip on costs. Or maybe ot's time to re-examine your financing.

Whatever else it means, it means this: Veyna & Forschino treat financial statements as tools used to help you meet your goals. And that gives you more than a record of what you've done. It gives you a map to plan the future.

Founded in 1995, Veyna & Forschino is an accounting firm serving small to midsized companies in the San Francisco Bay area and nationwide. With nearly two decades of combined accounting experience, Veyna & Forschino has the skill, vision and commitment to make a difference in your company.