If you're like most business people, you rely on accountants to unravel financial data and place it in structured order - to prepare the reports you need to understand and direct your efforts. That's the craft of accounting, and it's a craft at which we excel.
But there's a difference between a craft and an art - and it's that difference that separates Veyna and Forschino from other accounting firms.
It's a difference in vision - in the way we see new possibilities for old services. In perspective - in our ability to know just what accounting, financial management and consulting services can profit you, today, in your industry. In commitment - in the way we're never satisfied with past efforts, past performance.
And it's a difference you can see right on your bottom line.
Veyna & Forschino can provide complete accounting and tax preparation services to your company. We want to help you succeed. That's our vision.